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Set up paragraph outline level

Outline level means the paragraph level in the document structure. The following levels are available: Basic Text, Level 1 - Level 9. Outline level can be specified in different ways, for example, by using heading styles: once you assign a heading style (Heading 1 - Heading 9) to a paragraph, it acquires a corresponding outline level. If you assign a level to a paragraph using the paragraph advanced settings, the paragraph acquires the structure level only while its style remains unchanged. The outline level can also be changed at the Navigation panel on the left using the contextual menu options.

To change a paragraph outline level using the paragraph advanced settings,

  1. right-click the text and choose the Paragraph Advanced Settings option from the contextual menu or use the Show advanced settings option at the right sidebar,
  2. open the Paragraph - Advanced Settings window, switch to the Indents & Spacing tab,
  3. select the necessary outline level from the Outline level list.
  4. click the OK button to apply the changes.

Paragraph Advanced Settings - Indents & Spacing

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