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Insert symbols and characters

When working, you may need to insert a symbol which is not on your keyboard. To insert such symbols into your document, use the Symbol table iconInsert symbol option and follow these simple steps:

  • place the cursor at the location where a special symbol should be inserted,
  • switch to the Insert tab of the top toolbar,
  • click the Symbol table iconSymbol,

    Insert symbol sidebar

  • The Symbol dialog box will appear and you will be able to select the appropriate symbol,
  • use the Range section to quickly find the nesessary symbol. All symbols are divided into specific groups, for example, select 'Currency Symbols' if you want to insert a currency character.

    If this character is not in the set, select a different font. Many of them also have characters which differ from the standard set.

    Or enter the Unicode hex value of the required symbol in the Unicode hex value field. This code can be found in the Character map.

    The previously used symbols are also displayed in the Recently used symbols field,

  • click Insert. The selected character will be added to the document.

Insert ASCII symbols

The ASCII table is also used to add characters.

To do this, hold down ALT key and use the numeric keypad to enter the character code.

Note: be sure to use the numeric keypad, not the numbers on the main keyboard. To enable the numeric keypad, press the Num Lock key.

For example, to add a paragraph character (§), press and hold down ALT while typing 789, and then release ALT key.

Insert symbols using Unicode table

Additional charachters and symbols can also be found in the Windows symbol table. To open this table, do one of the following:

  • either write 'Character table' in the Search field and open it,
  • or simultaneously presss Win + R and then type charmap.exe in the window below and click OK.

    Insert symbol windpow

In the opened Character Map, select one of the Character sets, Groups and Fonts. Next, click on the nesessary characters, copy them to clipboard and paste in the right place of the document.

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