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View tab

The View tab of the Presentation Editor allows you to manage how your presentation looks like while you are working on it.

The corresponding window of the Online Presentation Editor:

View tab

The corresponding window of the Desktop Presentation Editor:

Home tab

View options available on this tab:

  • Zoom allows to zoom in and zoom out your document.
  • Fit to Slide allows to resize the slide so that the screen displays the whole slide.
  • Fit to Width allows to resize the slide so that the slide scales to fit the width of the screen.
  • Interface Theme allows to change interface theme by choosing a Same as system, Light, Classic Light, Dark or Contrast Dark theme.

The following options allow you to configure the elements to display or to hide. Check the elements to make them visible:

  • Notes to make the notes panel always visible.
  • Rulers to make rulers always visible.
  • Guides and Gridlines to properly position objects on the slide.
  • Always Show Toolbar to make the top toolbar always visible.
  • Status Bar to make the status bar always visible.
  • Left Panel to make the left panel visible.
  • Right Panel to make the right panel visible.
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