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Plugins tab

The Plugins tab in the PDF Editor makes it possible to access advanced editing features using the available third-party components.

The corresponding window of the Online PDF Editor:

Plugins tab

The corresponding window of the Desktop PDF Editor:

Plugins tab

The Background Plugins button allows viewing the list of plugins that work in the background. Here you can activate or disable them by activating/deactivating the corresponding switches, and adjust their settings by clicking the More button next to the required plugin.

Currently, the following plugins are available:

  • Send allows sending the presentation via email using the default desktop mail client (available in the desktop version only),
  • Get and paste html allows you to get the selected text as an HTML code.
  • Telegram can be integrated into your working area to continue chatting.
  • Count words and characters counts the exact number of words and symbols, both with and without spaces, in your PDF, as well as the number of paragraphs altogether.
  • Translator allows translating the selected text into other languages,

    This plugin doesn't work with Internet Explorer.

  • Thesaurus allows searching for synonyms and antonyms of a word,
  • Speech allows converting the selected text into speech,

Several visual plugins can be added to your document. The added plugins will be displayed as corresponding icons on the left panel.

To learn more about plugins, please refer to our API Documentation. All the currently existing open-source plugin examples are available on GitHub.

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