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Articles with the tag:

View document information

To access the detailed information about the currently edited document, click the File File icon icon at the left sidebar and select the Document Info... option.

General Information

The document information includes document title, author, location, creation date, and statistics: the number of pages, paragraphs, words, symbols, symbols with spaces.

Note: Online Editors allow you to change the document title directly from the editor interface. To do that, select the Rename... option from the File File icon menu or click on the file name displayed in the editor header next to the logo (in the upper left corner), then enter the necessary File name in a new window that opens and click OK.

Permission Information

Note: this option is not available for users with the Read Only permissions.

To find out, who have rights to view or edit the document, select the Access Rights... option at the left sidebar.

You can also change currently selected access rights by pressing the Change access rights button in the Persons who have rights section.

Version History

Note: this option is not available for free accounts as well as for users with the Read Only permissions.

To view all the changes made to this document, select the Version History option at the left sidebar. You'll see the list of this document versions (major changes) and revisions (minor changes) with the indication of each version/revision author and creation date and time. For document versions, the version number is also specified (e.g. ver. 2). To know exactly which changes have been made in each separate version/revision, you can view the one you need by clicking it at the left sidebar. The changes made by the version/revision author are marked with the color which is displayed next to the author name on the left sidebar. To return to the document current version, click the Back to Document link on the top of the version list.

To close the File panel and return to document editing, select the Close Menu option.

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