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Creating a motion path animation

Motion path is a part of the animation gallery effects that determines the movement of an object and the path it follows. The icons in the gallery represent the suggested path. The animation gallery is available on the Animation tab at the top toolbar.

Applying a motion path animation effect

  1. switch to the Animation tab on the top toolbar,
  2. select a text, an object or a graphic element you want to apply the animation effect to,
  3. select one of the premade motion path patterns from the Motion Paths section in the animations gallery (Lines, Arcs, etc.), or choose the Custom Path option if you want to create a path of your own.

You can preview animation effects on the current slide. By default, animation effects will play automatically when you add them to a slide but you can turn it off. Click the Preview drop-down on the Animation tab, and select a preview mode:

  • Preview to show a preview when you click the Preview button,
  • AutoPreview to show a preview automatically when you add an animation to a slide or replace an existing one.

Adding a custom path animation effect

To draw a custom path,

  1. Click the object you want to give a custom path animation to.
  2. Mark the path points with the left mouse button. One click with a left mouse button will draw a line, while holding the left mouse button allows you to make any curve you want.

    The starting point of the path will be marked with a green directional arrow, the ending point will be a red one.

  3. When ready, click the left mouse button twice or press the Esc button to stop drawing your path.

Editing motion path points

  1. To edit the motion path points, select the path object, click with the right mouse button to open the context menu and choose the Edit Points option.

    Drag the black squares to adjust the position of the nodes of the path points; drag the white squares to adjust the direction at the entry and exit points of the node. Press Esc or anywhere outside the path object to exit the editing mode.

  2. You can scale the motion path by clicking it and dragging the square points at the edges of the object.
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