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Introducing the Presentation Editor user interface

Presentation Editor uses a tabbed interface where editing commands are grouped into tabs by functionality.

Editor window

The editor interface consists of the following main elements:

  1. Editor header displays the logo, menu tabs, presentation name as well as three icons on the right that allow to set access rights, return to the Documents list, adjust View Settings and access the editor Advanced Settings.

    Icons in the editor header

  2. Top toolbar displays a set of editing commands depending on the selected menu tab. Currently, the following tabs are available: File, Home, Insert, Collaboration, Plugins.

    The Print, Save, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo options are always available at the left part of the Top toolbar regardless of the selected tab.

    Icons on the top toolbar

  3. Status bar at the bottom of the editor window contains the Start slideshow icon, some navigation tools: slide number indicator and zoom buttons. The Status bar also displays some notifications (such as "All changes saved" etc.) and allows to set text language and enable spell checking.
  4. Left sidebar contains icons that allow to use the Search tool, minimize/expand the slide list, open the Comments and Chat panel, contact our support team and view the information about the program.
  5. Right sidebar allows to adjust additional parameters of different objects. When you select a particular object on a slide, the corresponding icon is activated at the right sidebar. Click this icon to expand the right sidebar.
  6. Horizontal and vertical Rulers help you place objects on a slide and allow to set up tab stops and paragraph indents within the text boxes.
  7. Working area allows to view presentation content, enter and edit data.
  8. Scroll bar on the right allows to scroll the presentation up and down.

For your convenience you can hide some components and display them again when it is necessary. To learn more on how to adjust view settings please refer to this page.

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