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The ChatGPT plugin allows you to use the OpenAI chatbot to perform tasks that involve understanding or generating natural language or code.


To install the ChatGPT plugin,

  1. Go to the Plugins tab.
  2. Open the Plugin Manager.
  3. Find
    ChatGPT on the marketplace and click the Install button below.
  4. Click the
    ChatGPT icon in the Plugins tab.
  5. Proceed with the plugin configuration.


  1. Create your API key on the OpenAI API key page.
  2. Copy the generated API key into the corresponding field in the left panel of the editor.

ChatGPT settings

How to use

  1. Go to the Plugins tab.
  2. Click the
    ChatGPT icon.
  3. Click the Show advanced settings button to see all the available settings:
    • Model - the model which will generate the completion. Some models are suitable for natural language tasks, others specialize in code. To learn more about these models, please refer to the official ChatGPT website.
    • Maximum length - the maximum number of tokens to generate in the completion.
    • Temperature - this parameter controls randomness, e.g., lowering it results in less random completions. As the temperature approaches zero, the node will become deterministic and repetitive.
    • Top P - an alternative to sampling with temperature, called nucleus sampling, where the model considers the results of the tokens with top_p probability mass.
    • Stop sequences - up to four sequences where the API will stop generating further tokens. The returned text will not contain the stop sequence.
  4. Enter the request and click the Submit button to process it, or click the Clear button to delete the request and enter a new one.

ONLYOFFICE assumes no responsibility for any ChatGPT completions that may contain errors or omissions as well as for any harassing and inappropriate content. The information contained in the plugin completions is generated by ChatGPT and is provided on the "as is" basis without additional filtering from ONLYOFFICE.

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