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Presentation Editor allows you to check the spelling of your text in a certain language and correct mistakes while editing.

First of all, choose a language for your presentation. Click the Set Presentation Language icon icon at the right part of the Status bar. In the window that appears, select the necessary language and click OK. The selected language will be applied to the whole presentation.

Set Presentation Language window

To choose a different language for any piece of text within the presentation, select the necessary text passage with the mouse and use the Spell-checking - Text Language selector menu at the Status bar.

Incorrectly spelled words will be underlined by a red line.

Right click on the necessary word to activate the menu and:

  • choose one of the suggested similar words spelled correctly to replace the misspelled word with the suggested one. If too many variants are found, the More variants... option appears in the menu;
  • use the Ignore option to skip just that word and remove underlining or Ignore all to skip all the identical words repeated in the text;
  • select a different language for this word.


To turn off the spell checking option,

  1. click the File File icon icon at the left sidebar,
  2. select the Advanced Settings... option,
  3. uncheck the Turn on spell checking option box,
  4. click the Apply button.

You can alternatively click the Spell Checking activated icon icon at the right part of the Status bar - after that the icon will look like this Spell Checking deactivated icon.

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