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Getting Started: Feed

The Feed list encompasses all recent events on your portal that concern each user individually or are common for all users.

The Feed entry consists of the notification type, item name, profile photo of its author, creation date, name of the author and their title if applicable. You can react to the events directly from the feed list, e.g. add comments or congratulate users. If there is a chain of similar events, you can choose to Show other events or Hide additional events leaving the last event in the feed.

User-oriented events

  • Documents module: sharing files and folders, editing shared folders, updating shared files.
  • Projects module: new tasks and subtasks, new comments to your tracked tasks, new milestones, new discussions, new projects if you are assigned to them.
  • CRM module: new persons/companies, changes to existing contacts.

Common events

  • Community module: portal announcements and comments to them, new blog posts and comments to them, forum posts, bookmarks, polls.
  • People module: user birthdays, new portal users.

The Feed list can be accessed on any portal page using the Feed Tool Icon icon on the top right-corner panel. To facilitate finding particular notifications, you can use the filtering options available at the top of the Feed page, as well as select the modules you are interested in on the left-side panel.

Filtering options

  1. Search by Module. The modules available depend on your access rights.
  2. Search by User: choose the Other users option. Enter the name of the required user in the appeared field at the top or scroll through the user list to the left or user groups to the right to find required users.
  3. Search by Period: select the required period, i.e. Today, Current week, Current month, or set Custom period by choosing the required dates in the appeared From and To fields.