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Manipulate objects

You can resize, move, rotate and arrange autoshapes, images and charts inserted into your worksheet.

Resize objects

To change the autoshape/image/chart size, drag small squares Square icon situated on the object edges. To maintain the original proportions of the selected object while resizing, hold down the Shift key and drag one of the corner icons.

Note: to resize the inserted chart or image you can also use the right sidebar that will be activated once you select the necessary object. To open it, click the Chart settings Chart settings icon or the Image settings Image settings icon icon to the right.

Maintaining proportions

Move objects

To alter the autoshape/image/chart position, use the Arrow icon that appears after hovering your mouse cursor over the object. Drag the object to the necessary position without releasing the mouse button. To move the object by the one-pixel increments, hold down the Ctrl key and use the keybord arrows. To move the object strictly horizontally/vertically and prevent it from moving in a perpendicular direction, hold down the Shift key when dragging.

Rotate objects

To rotate the autoshape/image, hover the mouse cursor over the rotation handle Rotation Handle and drag it clockwise or counterclockwise. To constrain the rotation angle to 15 degree increments, hold down the Shift key while rotating.

Reshape autoshapes

When modifying some shapes, for example Figured arrows or Callouts, the yellow diamond-shaped Yellow diamond icon icon is also available. It allows to adjust some aspects of the shape, for example, the length of the head of an arrow.

Reshaping autoshape

Arrange several objects

If you have several objects (autoshapes, images and charts) overlapped you can arrange their order clicking the necessary object with the mouse and selecting the desired arrangement type from the right-click menu:

  • Bring to Foreground - to move the selected object in front of all other objects,
  • Send to Background - to move the selected object behind all other objects,
  • Bring Forward - to move the selected object by one level forward as related to other objects,
  • Send Backward - to move the selected object by one level backward as related to other objects.

Group several objects

To manipulate several objects at once, you can group them. Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the objects with the mouse, then right-click to open the context menu and select the Group option.

Grouping objects

To ungroup them, select the grouped objects with the mouse and use the Ungroup option from the right-click menu.

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