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Create lists

To create a list in your document,

  1. place the cursor to the position where a list will be started (this can be a new line or the already entered text),
  2. switch to the Home tab of the top toolbar,
  3. select the list type you would like to start:
    • Unordered list with markers is created using the Bullets Unordered List icon icon situated at the top toolbar
    • Ordered list with digits or letters is created using the Numbering Ordered List icon icon situated at the top toolbar

      Note: click the downward arrow next to the Bullets or Numbering icon to select how the list is going to look like.

  4. now each time you press the Enter key at the end of the line a new ordered or unordered list item will appear. To stop that, press the Backspace key and continue with the common text paragraph.

You can also change the text indentation in the lists and their nesting using the Multilevel list Multilevel list icon, Decrease indent Decrease indent icon, and Increase indent Increase indent icon icons at the Home tab of the top toolbar.

Note: the additional indentation and spacing parameters can be changed at the right sidebar and in the advanced settings window. To learn more about it, read the Change paragraph indents and Set paragraph line spacing section.

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