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How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator?


At present ONLYOFFICE is available in languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Greek, Polish, Czech, simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Finnish, Portuguese, Azeri, Korean, Japanese, Slovenian, Dutch and Slovak. It is all thanks to our volunteer translators who made it possible for many people to create and use our portal in their mother tongues.

Want to use ONLYOFFICE portal in your own language, but it is not yet present in the list of the available ones? Or the translation to your language is not complete? Contribute to the translation and get up to 1 year free of charge. All you need is to follow these easy steps.

Step 1. Submit your request

First of all submit your request. You can send us an email at specifying the language you wish to translate to. Our staff will reply back to you as soon as possible sending you the invitation to join our ONLYOFFICE Translator Community.

If you want to translate the server version of ONLYOFFICE into your own language, you will still need to do that using our translation system. After the translation is over all you have to do to get the translation for the server version is either to wait for the release where your language will be included or updated, or write to us and we will send you the script you need to run for the translation to be applied.

Step 2. Join the ONLYOFFICE Translator Community

To facilitate the work and create a more efficient collaboration between ONLYOFFICE translators we have created the ONLYOFFICE Translator Community Breaking the Language Barriers. To join our community follow the link provided in the invitation email.

In this portal all the necessary information to start translating is stored. Go to the Documents module, switch the Shared with Me folder and click the Your Name - ONLYOFFICE Online Translation System Credentials.xlsx document to open it. Here you will find the credentials to access the ONLYOFFICE Online Translation System (TOT System) and a link to your test portal.

Joining our community you can also:

  • read tips and tricks regarding the TOT System and your test portal use;
  • track the latest news about the ONLYOFFICE development and translation before all other users know about them;
  • learn about the new and edited keys which need to be translated;
  • keep track of the past, current and future ONLYOFFICE events using Calendar;
  • communicate in real time with other translators and ONLYOFFICE staff;
  • discuss the problems that occur during the ONLYOFFICE translation in forums;
  • take part in polls and contests and much more.
How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 2 How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 2

Step 3. Log in into the TOT System

TOT System was specially developed for translating portals. It represents a kind of a portal with restricted access – only the guests with appropriate rights can log in into the system and perform some actions within it.

To start translating you don’t need to install any additional software, just go to the site and use the credentials provided in the Your Name - ONLYOFFICE Online Translation System Credentials.xlsx document to access the system.

Note! The supported browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 4 or higher, Google Chrome version 11 or higher, Apple Safari version 4 or higher or Opera version 11 or higher.
How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 3 How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 3

Before your start translating please read the Translating ONLYOFFICE to Other Languages PDF carefully to learn the main peculiarities of the portal translation.

Step 4. Access your test portal

To be able to check the result of your translation you need to activate your account on the test portal. The link to your test portal is provided in the Your Name - ONLYOFFICE Online Translation System Credentials.xlsx document.

Note! This link is valid for 3 days only. Please complete the account activation within that period. If your link is expired, please contact our staff once again using the email.
How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 4 How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator? Step 4

Once the account is activated you can check the result. It will be available immediately after you translate and save anything in the TOT System. Use the portal link below the translation field inside the system to go directly to the portal page where the translated word/phrase is situated. If the link is not available you can try to find the necessary word/phrase in the module corresponding to the one you are translating in the system.

Note! Please do NOT change the test portal language in the Settings (for version 7.0 and later) or Customization (for version 6.5) sections even if the language name is different from the one you translate to (this is done on purpose). If you have changed it by mistake, please contact our staff at
How to become a ONLYOFFICE translator?
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