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If you want to make ONLYOFFICE better and more available for as many people as possible all over the world, this article will tell you how you can contribute to our project and improve it.

We would like to invite you to collaborate on ONLYOFFICE translations. By translating our content into other languages, you will help other people use our online office in their mother tongues and learn more about ONLYOFFICE.

Participating in the translation

To take part in the translation submit your request to us at

Requirements for participants

Anyone can contribute to ONLYOFFICE translations. We especially welcome the contributions by ONLYOFFICE users. The only requirement is having a good knowledge of English and written fluency in another language. If you meet this requirement, we’d love to collaborate with you as soon as possible!

Request submission

You should specify the following information in your request submitted at

  • the language you wish to translate to,
  • the product you want to translate, or a link to the article you want to translate.
    if you are in need of inspiration, take a look at this list of tutorials we are particularly interested in having translated.

Our staff will reply back to you as soon as possible sending you all the necessary information to start translation.

Materials to be translated

You can translate the following contents into your language:

  • online office interface

    You can contribute to portal translation using the ONLYOFFICE online translation system.

    The list of currently available languages for portals can be found here

  • Desktop Editors interface

    You can contribute to Desktop Editors translation by translating certain language files.

    The list of currently available languages for Desktop Editors can be found here

  • mobile apps interfaces

    You can contribute to mobile apps translation by translating certain language files.

    The lists of currently available languages for mobile apps can be found here: Documents for iOS, Documents for Android, Projects for iOS.

  • existing documentation articles

    We are looking for translators who can translate documentation for ONLYOFFICE Help Center or posts for ONLYOFFICE blog. The required languages are German, French, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. If you are proficient in another language, we will be delighted to discuss our cooperation personally.

Rewards for the contribution

We believe that any hard work should be fairly rewarded. That’s why by contributing to the ONLYOFFICE project you can get:

Introducing ONLYOFFICE online translation system

ONLYOFFICE online translation system was specially developed for translating portals. It represents a kind of a portal with restricted access – only the guests with appropriate rights can log in into the system and perform some actions within it.

To start translating you don’t need to install any additional software, just go to the site. To access the system use the login and password received by email.

The supported browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox version 4 or higher, Google Chrome version 11 or higher, Apple Safari version 4 or higher or Opera version 11 or higher.
ONLYOFFICE online translation system ONLYOFFICE online translation system

Before your start translating please read the Translating ONLYOFFICE to Other Languages PDF carefully to learn the main peculiarities of the portal translation.

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