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Reporting issues

Whether you have encountered an issue with ONLYOFFICE Docs or Workspace, SaaS or server solution operation, or our desktop or mobile applications, please report them as per the instructions below so that we can quickly fix the problem. Each report is a step on the path of our improvement, and thus, is highly appreciated.

Before reporting an issue

  1. Make sure that the problem is not caused by external factors such as your system applications, browser extensions, or network stability. One of the ways to do that is to enable the incognito mode.
  2. Make sure that your application is up-to-date.
  3. Use the Search tool to look through the existing issues so as not to create a duplicate.
  4. Please see the Reporting issues: the best way to do that section of this guide to learn how to describe the issue properly so that we can fix it quickly.

Ways to report an issue

ONLYOFFICE offers different support options:

Reporting issues: the best way to do that

Please report issues in English only.

Guidelines for GitHub:

  1. Find the required repository using the Find a repository field.
  2. Open the repository that addresses the issue you have encountered.
    If you are not sure where to report a bug on GitHub, pick a repository that you think suits the problem best. For example, if you encounter a problem with the editors or your documents, please visit the repositories for online editors or desktop editors; if the problem is connected with opening or saving the documents using a third-party application, e.g. ownCloud or Nextcloud, search the repositories using the Find a repository field for an application you need. We will look into the thread and move it to the other repository if necessary.
  3. Switch to the Issues tab located at the top bar.
  4. Use the Search tool to look through the existing issues so as not to create a duplicate.
  5. When you have made sure the issue you want to report is unique, please click the New issue button in the right corner at the top of the page.
  6. Specify the title, describe the problem in the body, attach the accompanying files if necessary, check the result on the Preview tab.

    Some repositories come with corresponding issue templates. Please answer each question asked in the template provided in the repository.

  7. When your post is completed, click the Submit new issue button to report an issue in the repository you have chosen.

If there is no bug report template, the description depends on the solution you are using and on the platform you are reporting an issue at.

General guidelines for GitHub and the forums:

  1. Describe the issue in full:
    • your actions step-by-step that led to the issue,
    • what you expected to happen as a result of your actions,
    • add screenshots, video files, logs, files you have problems opening/editing, or exact error messages (if applicable).
  2. Specify the application characteristics:
    • type of the solution (exact software/SaaS solution),
    • version of the software (if applicable).
  3. Specify the system characteristics:
    • OS version,
    • browser name, and its version (if applicable),
    • your mobile device (if applicable).
  4. Did this feature work in previous versions?
  5. Remember to be precise in your description. The more information we get, the better we will understand your problem and the sooner we will come up with ways to fix it.

Unless it’s a security issue, consider keeping your issue public so that others can benefit from the discussion.

What happens after an issue report has been submitted?

Your report is processed and reviewed. You will receive the number of the issue in the thread you created. If any problems ensue, you can use this number to refer to the problem quickly with our staff.

Please keep in mind that fixing bugs takes time and we are working on closing the reported issue. When the possible fix is tested and proved to be successful, you will receive a corresponding notification in the thread you created. The issue report will be labelled as closed and fixed.

We value every contribution and issue report. Thank you for helping us make ONLYOFFICE a better office suite!

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