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Communicating in real time

The Document Editor allows you to maintain a constant team-wide approach to work flow: share files and folders, collaborate on documents in real time, comment certain parts of your documents that require additional third-party input, save document versions for future use, review documents and add your changes without actually editing the file, compare and merge documents to facilitate processing and editing.

In Document Editor, you can communicate with your co-editors in real time using the built-in Chat tool as well as a number of useful plugins, i.e., Telegram or Rainbow.

Chat window

To access the Chat tool and leave a message for other users,

  1. click the
    icon on the left sidebar, or
    switch to the Collaboration tab of the top toolbar and click the
    Chat button,
  2. enter your text into the corresponding field below,
  3. press the Send button.

The chat messages are stored during one session only. To discuss the document content, it is better to use comments which are stored until they are deleted.

All the messages left by users will be displayed on the panel on the left. If there are new messages you haven't read yet, the chat icon will look like this - .

To close the panel with chat messages, click the icon on the left sidebar or the Chat button at the top toolbar once again.

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