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Add borders

To add borders to a paragraph, page, or the whole document,

  1. put the cursor within the paragraph you need, or select several paragraphs with the mouse or all the text in the document by pressing the Ctrl+A key combination,
  2. click the right mouse button and select the Paragraph Advanced Settings option from the menu or use the Show advanced settings link at the right sidebar,
  3. switch to the Borders & Fill tab in the opened Paragraph - Advanced Settings window,
  4. set the needed value for Border Size and select a Border Color,
  5. click within the available diagram or use buttons to select borders and apply the chosen style to them,
  6. click the OK button.

Paragraph Advanced Settings - Borders & Fill

After you add borders, you can also set paddings i.e. distances between the right, left, top and bottom borders and the paragraph text within them.

To set the necessary values, switch to the Paddings tab of the Paragraph - Advanced Settings window:

Paragraph Advanced Settings - Paddings

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