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Version history

The Document Editor allows you to maintain a constant team-wide approach to work flow: share files and folders, collaborate on documents in real time, communicate right in the editor, comment certain parts of your documents that require additional third-party input, review documents and add your changes without actually editing the file, compare and merge documents to facilitate processing and editing.

In Document Editor, you can view the version history of the document you collaborate on.

Viewing version history:

To view all the changes made to the document,

  • go to the File tab,
  • select the Version History option at the left sidebar


  • go to the Collaboration tab,
  • open the history of versions using the
     Version History icon at the top toolbar.

You'll see the list of the document versions and revisions, with the indication of each version/revision author and creation date and time. For document versions, the version number is also specified (e.g., ver. 2).

Viewing versions:

To know exactly which changes have been made in each separate version/revision, you can view the one you need by clicking it on the left sidebar. The changes made by the version/revision author are marked with the color which is displayed next to the author's name on the left sidebar.

To return to the current version of the document, use the Close History option on the top of the version list.

Restoring versions:

If you need to roll back to one of the previous versions of the document, click the Restore link below the selected version/revision.


To learn more about managing versions and intermediate revisions, as well as restoring previous versions, please read the following article.

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