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Remove duplicates

In the Spreadsheet Editor, you can remove duplicate values from the selected data range or a formatted table.

To remove duplicates:

  1. Select the necessary cell range containing duplicate values.
  2. Switch to the Data tab and click the
    Remove Duplicates button on the top toolbar.

    If you want to remove duplicates from a formatted table, you can also use the Remove duplicates option on the right sidebar.

    If you select a certain part of the data range, a warning window will appear where you will be asked if you want to expand the selection to include the entire data range or proceed with the currently selected data. Click the Expand or Remove in selected button. If you choose the Remove in selected option, duplicate values in cells adjacent to the selected range will not be removed.

    Remove Duplicates warning

    The Remove Duplicates window will open:

    Remove Duplicates

  3. Check the necessary options in the Remove Duplicates window:
    • My data has headers - check this box to exclude column headers from the selection.
    • Columns - leave the Select All option selected by default or uncheck it and select the necessary columns only.
  4. Click the OK button.

The duplicate values from the selected data range will be removed, and you will see the window that contains the information on how many duplicate values have been removed and how many unique values have been left:

Removed duplicates

If you want to restore the removed data right after deletion, use the Undo icon on the top toolbar or the Ctrl+Z key combination.

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