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View file information

To access the detailed information about the currently edited spreadsheet, click the File tab of the top toolbar and select the Spreadsheet Info option.

General Information

The file information includes spreadsheet title and the application the spreadsheet was created with. In the online version, the following information is also displayed: author, location, creation date.

Note: Online Editors allow you to change the spreadsheet title directly from the editor interface. To do that, click the File tab of the top toolbar and select the Rename... option, then enter the necessary File name in a new window that opens and click OK.

Permission Information

In the online version, you can view the information about permissions to the files stored in the cloud.

Note: this option is not available for users with the Read Only permissions.

To find out, who have rights to view or edit the spreadsheet, select the Access Rights... option at the left sidebar.

You can also change currently selected access rights clicking the Change access rights button in the Persons who have rights section.

To close the File pane and return to your spreadsheet, select the Close Menu option.

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