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Voci con l'etichetta :
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View tab

The View tab in the Spreadsheet Editor allows you to manage sheet view presets based on applied filters view options.

The corresponding window of the Online Spreadsheet Editor:

View tab

The corresponding window of the Desktop Spreadsheet Editor:

View tab

View options available on this tab:

  • Sheet View allows to manage sheet view presets.
  • Normal allows to see the spreadsheet fully.
  • Page Break Preview allows to see the printed area of the spreadsheet only.
  • Zoom allows to zoom in and zoom out your spreadsheet.
  • Interface Theme allows to change interface theme by choosing a Same as system, Light, Classic Light, Dark or Contrast Dark theme.
  • Freeze Panes allows to freeze and unfreeze certain panes or rows and columns.

The following options allow you to configure the elements to display or to hide. Check the elements to make them visible:

  • Formula Bar to show a formula bar above the spreadsheet.
  • Headings to show headings, i.e., column headings at the top and row headings on the left.
  • Gridlines to show gridlines, i.e., cell outlines.
  • Show Zeros to always show "0" when entered in a cell.
  • Always Show Toolbar to make the top toolbar always visible.
  • Combine Sheet and Status Bars to display all sheet navigation tools and status bar in a single line. The status bar will appear in two lines when this box is unchecked.
  • Left Panel to make the left panel visible.
  • Right Panel to make the right panel visible.
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