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Add borders

To add and format borders to a worksheet,

  1. select a cell, a range of cells with the mouse or the whole worksheet by pressing the Ctrl+A key combination,

    Note: you can also select multiple non-adjacent cells or cell ranges holding down the Ctrl key while selecting cells/ranges with the mouse.

  2. click the Borders Borders icon icon situated at the Home tab of the top toolbar or click the Cell settings Cell settings icon icon at the right sidebar,

    Cell settings tab

  3. select the border style you wish to apply:
    1. open the Border Style submenu and select one of the available options,
    2. open the Border Color Border Color icon submenu or use the Color palette at the right sidebar and select the color you need from the palette,
    3. select one of the available border templates: Outside Borders Outside Borders icon, All Borders All Borders icon, Top Borders Top Borders icon, Bottom Borders Bottom Borders icon, Left Borders Left Borders icon, Right Borders Right Borders icon, No Borders No Borders icon, Inside Borders Inside Borders icon, Inside Vertical Borders Inside Vertical Borders icon, Inside Horizontal Borders Inside Horisontal Borders icon, Diagonal Up Border Diagonal Up Border icon, Diagonal Down Border Diagonal Down Border icon.
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