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Set font type, size, and color

To apply the formatting to the text, select it and use the icons situated at the text formatting toolbar above the keyboard:

  • Font Name Font Name - tap this icon to select one of the fonts from the list of the available ones.
  • Font Size Font Size - tap this icon to select among the preset font size values from the list. You can also tap the Minus icon or Plus icon icons in the list to decrease or increase the current value.
  • Font Color Font Color - is used to change the color of the characters in the text. Tap this icon to open the the color palettes window. Select the necessary color on the Font Color tab.
  • Highlight Color - is used to mark the necessary part of the text by adding a color band that imitates highlighter pen effect around the text.
    1. select the text passage you want to highlight,
    2. tap the Font Color Font Color icon to open the the color palettes window,
    3. switch to the Highlight Color tab and select the necessary color on the palette.

    To clear the highlight color, choose the No Fill No Fill option on the palette.

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