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Add bookmarks

Bookmarks allow to quickly jump to a certain position in the current document or add a link to this location within the document.

To add a bookmark within a document:

  1. specify the place where you want the bookmark to be added:
    • put the mouse cursor at the beginning of the necessary text passage, or
    • select the necessary text passage,
  2. switch to the References tab of the top toolbar,
  3. click the Bookmark icon Bookmark icon at the top toolbar,
  4. in the Bookmarks window that opens, enter the Bookmark name and click the Add button - a bookmark will be added to the bookmark list displayed below,

    Note: the bookmark name should begin wish a letter, but it can also contain numbers. The bookmark name cannot contain spaces, but can include the underscore character "_".

    Bookmarks window

To go to one of the added bookmarks within the document text:

  1. click the Bookmark icon Bookmark icon at the References tab of the top toolbar,
  2. in the Bookmarks window that opens, select the bookmark you want to jump to. To easily find the necessary bookmark in the list you can sort the list by bookmark Name or by Location of a bookmark within the document text,
  3. check the Hidden bookmarks option to display hidden bookmarks in the list (i.e. the bookmarks automatically created by the program when adding references to a certain part of the document. For example, if you create a hyperlink to a certain heading within the document, the document editor automatically creates a hidden bookmark to the target of this link).
  4. click the Go to button - the cursor will be positioned in the location within the document where the selected bookmark was added, or the corresponding text passage will be selected,
  5. click the Close button to close the window.

To delete a bookmark select it in the bookmark list and use the Delete button.

To find out how to use bookmarks when creating links please refer to the Add hyperlinks section.

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