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About the ONLYOFFICE and Zoom integration

ONLYOFFICE offers an official connector to integrate ONLYOFFICE DocSpace with desktop version of Zoom to create, edit, collaborate, and save your files without leaving your Zoom Meeting. You can download the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace from the official Zoom App Marketplace.

Main features

  • Creating collaboration rooms for real-time co-authoring or custom rooms with flexible settings for any purpose.
  • Creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.
  • Sharing files with other Zoom Meeting participants.
  • Storing and managing personal documents within a dedicated space.
  • Co-editing documents in real-time: two co-editing modes (Fast and Strict), the Track Changes mode, comments, and the built-in chat.

Supported formats

  • For creating, editing, and viewing: DOCX,PPTX,XLSX, DOCXF.
  • For filling forms: OFORM.
  • For editing via OOXML conversion: ODT, ODS, ODP, and RTF.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to Zoom


  • Zoom desktop application.
  • ONLYOFFICE DocSpace connector for Zoom.

App specifics

The DocSpace Zoom app works with DocSpace cloud tariffication (Startup tariff). Therefore, there are the following specifics:

  • A tenant is registered and the first user is added as the owner.
  • All other participants of the Zoom Meeting are added as power users, if the quota allows and if they belong to the same Zoom account, if not, a usual user is added.
  • The collaboration initiator creates a room.
  • Other participants are added to the room with access rights selected by the collaboration initiator.
  • When the limit of 12 rooms is reached, a placeholder is displayed that the limit on rooms in this DocSpace has been reached. A user can either delete rooms or pay for the paid DocSpace plan.
  • If a user is added to DocSpace as a free role, they cannot create files in this DocSpace. They will be shown the placeholder “You cannot create rooms and files. Please wait until the Owner or Power user selects a file for collaboration."

Installing the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace connector for Zoom

The ONLYOFFICE DocSpace app can be added to a user's Zoom account through the Zoom App Marketplace:

  • Open desktop version of Zoom and log into your account.
  • Select to the Apps section, switch to the Add Apps tab, and find the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace by typing the name in the search bar.
  • Review the application information and click the Add button to install the application. It will be placed into the My apps tab.
My apps My apps

Start using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace within Zoom

Working with documents during a Zoom Meeting

To launch a meeting, click the Start meeting button in the upper right corner.

To start a collaboration,

  • Invite other participants by sending invitations using built-in tools.

    Each invited participant receives an invitation to join the application. If the user clicks the Join button, that user will be able to join the collaborative document editing session. If the user clicks the Ignore button, that user will watch the demonstration of the initiator’s screen.

    It is necessary to have ONLYOFFICE DocSpace application installed in order to join the document editing session. Click the Start meeting Invite Users to use App button in the upper right corner. A list of user participating in a Zoom Meeting appears:

    Invite users window

    Select users or a group of users to send invitation to and click Invite.

  • Open the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace application. The file manager will launch within the app, and the meeting participants will remain visible on the screen:
    Folder selection Folder selection

    Choose one of the available rooms or proceed in My documents and click the Select button. Choose the necessary document from the list of files and click the Select file button to open the corresponding editor.

    To share a document from the existing room, it's necessary to manually copy this document to the My documents section.

    If you need to upload a file from your hard drive, use the Upload document icon icon and specify the path to a document.

    To create a new document, click the Create document icon button, select the document Type (Document / Spreadsheet / Presentation), change its Title, and set the Access rights level:

    • Edit - to allow all participants to edit the document without restrictions.
    • LiveView - to allow other users only to view the document you are editing.
    Create document Create document
  • Click the Open button to open online editors and start the Collaboration mode. The editor will launch within the app, and the meeting participants will remain visible on the screen.

    The first person who selects a file becomes the initiator of collaboration. Any participant (not just the Zoom Meeting host) can start collaborating on the document.

    During the Collaboration mode, the editor window will become a shared screen. You can also turn on the Collaboration mode at your will by clicking the Collaborate icon button. It may come in handy in case if you want to share the application interface.

    To display the application in a detachable and moveable pop-up window and start broadcasting it, click the Share app screen icon Share App Screen button. The pop-up window will look the following way:

    Share app screen

To select a different file for co-editing,

  • If the initiator wants to continue working on own documents, the initiator clicks the Open file location button. He selects a new document from his document list. Other participants of the Zoom Meeting will see a placeholder.
  • If another participant of the Zoom Meeting wants to share his file, the initiator clicks the End button in the right corner. All other participants of the Zoom Meeting will see their document lists.

To end a collaboration,

  • Click the End collaboration icon button in the upper right corner to end the collaboration session.
  • Click the Stop share button on the top to stop broadcasting and merge the Pop-up Window to Meeting Window.

All changes made to documents are saved automatically and are available after finishing the Zoom Meeting. Once all users exit the editor, changes are saved for the file's creator, and a Custom room named Zoom Collaboration mm_dd_yyyy hh:mm, containing the edited document, is created. Each participant of the Zoom Meeting will have access to the room. All files that were edited during the first collaboration session are saved in this room. If there were several collaboration sessions during one Zoom Meeting, several rooms will be created.

Collaboration documents Collaboration documents

Manage DocSpace outside of a Zoom Meeting

The ONLYOFFICE DocSpace app allows you to use all the advantages and majority of the features available in DocSpace:

  • Creating rooms - create spaces with flexible settings for any purpose and edit them. Choose one of the available collaboration room type, depending on your goals, invite users, and assign permission levels to them.
  • Creating and managing documents - create new documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms for personal use in My documents section, or share these files with other users of a certain room. Participants of the room will be able to perform actions depending on their access level.
  • Document editing - use the versatile document editing capabilities provided by ONLYOFFICE Online Editors.
  • Edit profile - edit your personal data, including name, email, password, language, photo, customization, and get access to security features.

All these functions will help you prepare documents in advance for convenient cooperation during meetings.

Removing the ONLYOFFICE connector for Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "ONLYOFFICE DocSpace" app.
  3. Click the "ONLYOFFICE DocSpace" app.
  4. Click Remove.
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