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Migrating from the Cloud version to server version

ONLYOFFICE Groupsv12.6.0 Per amministratore

Have you decided to migrate from your Cloud Office to the Server Solution? Don't know how to realize the plan? Just follow these step-by-step instructions.

Bare Bones Instructions

  1. Create a backup of your cloud portal data and download it (for detailed instructions please refer to the Data backup and restore in the cloud version article).
  2. Deploy ONLYOFFICE Workspace on your server and sign in to your administrator account.
  3. Go to the Control Panel and open the Restore page.
  4. Select the Computer file tab, click the Plus button next to the Choose the storage location field, and browse for the necessary backup file stored on your local drive. Wait while the file is uploaded.
  5. Click the RESTORE button.

The backup of your SaaS portal data will be restored on your server.

After restoring the cloud portal backup file in the server version, current passwords will be reset and access can only be restored via the Forgot your password? link on the authorization page.

After restoring the backup, you will also need to upload your license file again. This can be done in the Payments section.

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