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ONLYOFFICE DocSpace module for Drupal

Drupal is an open-source content manager system used for building APIs. This module enables users to access ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, a room-based collaborative environment, from Drupal, as well as add DocSpace rooms and files to the Drupal page. The module is distributed under the GNU General Public License v.2.0.

Main features

  • Creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms within Drupal.
  • Adding a DocSpace room or file to Drupal content.
  • Viewing and editing documents within Drupal content without the necessity to download documents.
  • Creating DocSpace rooms within Drupal.

Supported formats

  • For editing: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX.

Connecting ONLYOFFICE DocSpace to Drupal


  • Drupal core module.
  • ONLYOFFICE DocSpace SaaS or server version.
  • ONLYOFFICE DocSpace plugin for Drupal.

Plugin installation and configuration

Configuring your DocSpace

  1. Use the Options Options icon icon menu in the lower left corner and select the DocSpace Settings option.
  2. For both SaaS and server versions: switch to the Developer tools -> Javascript SDK section. In the Embed DocSpace as iframe field, enter your Drupal address and click the + icon.
  3. For the server version only: in the Customization section, make sure that the DNS Settings option is enabled and the domain name of the DocSpace portal is specified.

Configuring your Drupal

  1. Switch to the Extend section in the admin settings and click the Add new module menu item.
  2. Upload the ONLYOFFICE module and click Continue.
  3. When the uploaded module appears in the list, select it by checking and click the Install button.
  4. Once ready, go to the module settings via Configuration –> MEDIA –> ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Connector settings and specify the following parameters:
    • DocSpace Service Address
    • DocSpace Admin Login and Password
  5. Click the Save button.

A user with the Room admin role will be created in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, with the same data as the current Drupal user.

Installing the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace connector for Drupal Installing the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace connector for Drupal

Exporting users to DocSpace

To export users from your Drupal to ONLYOFFICE DocSpace,

  1. Click the Export Now button on the module settings page. A page with the list which contains Drupal users will open.
  2. To add a user or several users to DocSpace:
    • check the required users in the list;
    • select Invite to DocSpace from the drop-down list;
    • click the Apply to selected items button.

In the DocSpace User Status column of this list, you can track whether a Drupal user has been added to DocSpace or not:

  • Green checkmark Green checkmark: a Drupal user with the specified email has been added to DocSpace. Synchronization was successful.
  • Empty value: there is no Drupal user with the specified email in DocSpace. You can invite them.
  • Hourglass Hourglass: there is a user in DocSpace with the specified email, but there was a synchronization issue. When logging into the DocSpace plugin for the first time, the user will need to provide a DocSpace login and password to complete synchronization.

Start using ONLYOFFICE DocSpace within Drupal

Working in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace within Drupal

After setting up the module, DocSpace will become available for users with the Administer ONLYOFFICE DocSpace connector permission: People –> Permissions -> ONLYOFFICE DocSpace Connector.

These users are able to access ONLYOFFICE DocSpace where it's possible to create Collaboration, Public, and Custom rooms, invite users, and collaborate on documents within the rooms.

For more details on working with ONLYOFFICE DocSpace, please refer to our guides.

Adding DocSpace rooms and files to the Drupal page

Before you can add a DocSpace room or file to Drupal, you need to make changes to the table structure.

  1. Go to Structure -> Content types.
  2. Click the Manage fields button next to the needed element.
  3. On the opened page, click the Create a new field button.
  4. In the drop-down list, select ONLYOFFICE DocSpace and specify the name.

If you would like to change the size of the DocSpace element on the published page:

  1. Go to Structure -> Content types for the desired element.
  2. Click the Manage display button.
  3. In the previously created DocSpace field, click the gear icon and specify the desired sizes.
  4. Once ready, click the Save button.

When you are done with the preparatory steps:

  1. Go to the Content tab.
  2. Click the Add Content button.
  3. Select the content type to which you have added the ONLYOFFICE DocSpace element.

To add a room:

  1. Go to the Content tab.
  2. Click the Select room button.
  3. Select the available room from the list and press the Select button.

To add a file:

  1. Click the Select file button.
  2. Select the desired file from the room and press the Save button.

Access rights to rooms and files for Drupal users within created Drupal content are determined by the following principles:

  • If the room should be available to all users, use a public room in DocSpace. It will be visible on the Drupal page for all users including anonymous, if Anonymous role has the "View published content" permission checked.
  • If the room should be available only to logged in users, use a non-public room in DocSpace. A Drupal login will be required to view it, even if Anonymous role can view published content.

Please note the following specifics for DocSpace rooms created in Drupal:

  • DocSpace left menu is not avaiable;
  • Navigation is possible within the added room only;
  • If users have the Room admin or Power user role, they can create new files.
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