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ONLYOFFICE Groups for Windows

Migration to server solution

ONLYOFFICE Groupsv.6.5 - ONLYOFFICE Groupsv.11.1 Admin

Have you decided to migrate from your SaaS to Server Solution? Don't know how to realize the plan? Just follow these step-by-step instructions!

Bare Bones Instructions

After you deployed the virtual machine with a pre-installed and pre-configured ONLYOFFICE in a private cloud on Amazon servers or your Windows server, please follow these simple steps:

Migration from SaaS Version

  1. Create a backup of your portal data and download it (for further instructions please refer to the Data Backup & Restore article).
  2. Switch to the Server Solution.
  3. Run the backup restore utility from the installation directory: Service\ASC.Backup.Restore.exe
  4. Select the created backup file with the .zip extension in the 'ONLYOFFICE backup file' field and click the 'Restore Backup' button.

The backup of your SaaS portal data will be restored in local server.

Download Host on your own server Available for
Docker, Windows and Linux
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