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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

Running ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via AppImage


The desktop version of online editors does not require constant connection to the internet and can work with local files.

To install Desktop Editors, you can use one of the following options:

  • download an .rpm/.deb package from our website,
    Only 64-bit versions of Linux are supported.

    After you press the download button for the required package, some browsers may suggest choosing a target directory. Select it, and the download process will start. When it is complete, run the downloaded package file to install the Desktop Editors on your computer.

  • use AppImage, Flatpak, Snap,
  • add the repository to your Linux OS and update it afterwards just like any other Linux application.

This guide describes installing ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via AppImage.

AppImages are single-file applications that run on most Linux distributions. You just need to download the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors application, make it executable, and run.

Running ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via AppImage

  1. Download the Desktop Editors application from its official page.
  2. Open the terminal and enter the following command to make the application executable:
    chmod +x ./*.AppImage
  3. Double-click the downloaded AppImage in the file manager to run the application.

Updating ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors via AppImage

To update ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, download the new AppImage.

Uninstalling ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

To uninstall ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, just delete the corresponding AppImage.

Download No more Microsoft All main platforms support:
Windows, Linux and Mac OS
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