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Languages available for ONLYOFFICE Projects app for iOS

×Attenzione, traduttori! Nuove unità di traduzione sono disponibili nel sistema di traduzione di ONLYOFFICE dal . Il numero totale di nuove unità è . Si prega di visitare http://translate.onlyoffice.com/ per partecipare.
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ONLYOFFICE Projects app for iOS interface is available in languages. The list is changing as new translators wish to have Projects app for iOS in their own language and help us participating in translation. Below is the table of all the languages currently available for Projects app for iOS:

Language Locale Completion rate1



1 Completion rate given in percent shows the translation performance into one of the available languages. 100% means that everything for ONLYOFFICE Projects app is already translated. 50% means that the half of the Projects app interface is still available in English. The completion rate values were rounded up.

If you want to take part in translation

If you are a translator or simply want to have ONLYOFFICE Projects app in your language, you can also participate in translation. See this guide on how to become an ONLYOFFICE translator or write to us at documentation@onlyoffice.com.

I finished the translation, what's next?

Once the translations are ready, report that to us using the documentation@onlyoffice.com email address. We will verify the translations and will add them to the next release so that your language will be available as a new ONLYOFFICE Projects app interface language.

If you are interested in more information about the detailed statistics on languages and translations for other ONLYOFFICE products, it is available at this page.

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