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Project documents

The Documents section displays the list of all the documents added to the projects which are accessible for the current user. Depending on the user access rights, he/she can view project documents, manage them, create new folders, documents and spreadsheets.

In the project documents list, you can view the folders that correspond to existing projects. Within each project folder, you can find all the documents attached to this project:

Project documents in the folder

In the file list, you can view the following information about files: title, author, creation date and file size.

Sort and filter documents in the list

To easily find the necessary document in the list, you can apply different sort and filter parameters.

  1. tap the Filter icon icon in the upper right corner,
  2. tap the arrow next to the Sort by menu item and select the necessary sorting criterion: Date, Title, Type, Size, or Author,
  3. turn the Ascending switcher on to sort files in ascending order or turn it off to sort files in descending order,
  4. tap the necessary filter in the Filter list: Type, or Author,
  5. choose the necessary parameters for the selected filter:
    • to filter files by Type, select the necessary type (Files, Folders, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Images, Archives) on the next screen and tap Done.
    • to filter files by Author, check the necessary user in the Author list and tap Done. To easily find the person you need, switch between the People and Groups tab and use the Search field on the top.
  6. if necessary, apply another available filters,
  7. tap Done in the upper right corner of the Sort and Filters screen.

Manage files in the list

Touch close to the edge of the screen to the right of the necessary file in the list and swipe left to access the menu.

For the documents and spreadsheets, you can choose the following actions:

Rename file - allows to rename the selected document or spreadsheet.

If you select the Rename option, a new window opens. Type in a new file name and tap the Rename button.

Delete item - allows to delete the selected file.

In the Documents section, you can also select several files and delete all of them at once. To do that:

Tap the Select objects icon in the upper right corner and tap empty circles Select item on the left hand of the necessary documents one at a time. Then tap the Delete caption at the bottom of the screen.

Create new folders, documents and spreadsheets

If you have corresponding rights to access project documents, the Create new item icon is available in the upper right corner of the file list. To create a new folder, document or spreadsheet:

  1. tap the Create new item icon - a new menu appears,

    Create new item

  2. select which item you want to create: Create Document, Create Spreadsheet, Create Folder,
  3. specify the file/folder name in a new window that opens and tap the Create button,

    New file title

  4. When creating documents/spreadsheets, you will be redirected to your account in the ONLYOFFICE Documents app. After that you will be able to edit and format your newly created file.

To learn more about the ONLYOFFICE Documents app, please refer to this page.

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