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Managing users in DocSpace

Managing user types and permission levels allows you to control, which sections users can access and which actions they can perform in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace. Once users are added to DocSpace, admins can manage them: sort and filter the user list to easily find the necessary user, edit the user info, change user types (promote or demote users), resend invitations, disable active users, and remove disabled users from DocSpace. Admins can also manage users within a certain room.

All DocSpace user accounts are listed in the Accounts section. Click the corresponding option in the left-side menu to open the user list.

When managing users in DocSpace, the available actions differ depending on the user type:

Section\User type Owner DocSpace admin Room admin Power user User
Inviting "DocSpace admin"
Inviting "Room admin"
Inviting "Power user"
Inviting "User"
Promoting to "DocSpace admin"
Promoting to "Room admin"
Promoting to "Power user"
Demoting "DocSpace admin" to "Room admin"
Disabling "DocSpace admin"
Disabling "Room admin"
Disabling "Power user"
Disabling "User"
Editing or removing users
Operations in the user list

Using tools on the top toolbar, you can perform the following operations:

  • Search for a user name using the search bar at the top of the user list.
  • Filter the user list by status (Active, Pending, Disabled), type (DocSpace admin, Room admin, Power user, User), account (Paid, Free), and account login type (SSO, standard login) using the Filter icon button. Select the necessary filter parameters and click Apply. To clear the filter, use the Clear all option if several parameters are selected or the cross icon if a single parameter is selected.
    Filter Filter
  • Sort users by first or last name using the Sort icon button. Click the arrow next to the selected parameter to change the sort order.

Using the right-click menu or the Options icon icon next to the user name, you can perform the following actions. The actions may vary depending on the account status:

  • Invite again icon Invite again (For Pending accounts only) – to send an invitation to DocSpace again.
  • Info icon Info – to view the user info. You can also use the icon in the upper right corner of the top toolbar.
  • Room list icon Room list – to view the rooms the user is invited to (the filter by room member will be applied).
  • Change email icon Change email (For Active accounts only) – to specify a new email addres.
  • Change password icon Change password (For Active accounts only) – to set a new password.
  • Reset authentication icon Reset authentication (For Active accounts only) – to log out all active connections.
  • Disable icon Disable (For Active and Pending accounts) – to disable the user.
  • Enable icon Enable (For Disabled accounts only) – to re-enable the disabled user.
  • Delete icon Delete user (For Disabled accounts only) – to remove the disabled user.
Members Members
Resending invitations to DocSpace
  1. Go to the Accounts section on the left.
  2. Click the Plus icon Plus icon above the list of users or right-click one of the pending accounts in the list.
  3. Select the Resend invitations icon Invite again option from the menu.
Changing user types
  1. Go to the Accounts section on the left.
  2. Click the Options icon icon next to the user name.
  3. Select Info icon Info.
  4. Open the list next to the user Type.
  5. Select a different user type.
    User can be promoted to DocSpace admin or Room admin. Admins cannot be demoted to User.
Changing user account statuses
  1. Go to the Accounts section on the left.
  2. Click the Options icon icon next to the user name.
  3. Select Disable icon Disable or Enable icon Enable.
Removing users from DocSpace

To remove a disabled user from DocSpace,

  1. Go to the Accounts section on the left.
  2. Click the Options icon icon next to the disabled user name.
  3. Select the Delete icon Delete user option.
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