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ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS - Overview

The Documents app for iOS allows you to access the files stored in your ONLYOFFICE account on your mobile device, view and edit existing text documents and spreadsheets, create new ones and organize them as well as connect third-party cloud storages.

Supported devices

The application runs under iOS 8.0 or higher. Document editing capabilities are available on iPad Air, iPhone 5 and later device models. On older device models, documents will open in the viewing mode only. The spreadsheet editing mode is available on iPad.

First launch

The Documents app is available on the AppStore. After you've downloaded and installed the application on your mobile device, tap the ONLYOFFICE Documents icon to launch it.

Enter your existing portal address (, email address and password you use to access your portal, then tap the Login button. To access your Personal account (previously created at, tap the Personal link, enter your email address and password, then tap the Login button.

If you do not have an ONLYOFFICE account, you can easily create a new portal right from the mobile application when it is launched:

  1. tap the Create portal link at the bottom of screen,
  2. fill in the registration form: enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, create Your Account Name and tap Continue,
  3. enter and confirm a password, then tap the Create portal button.

Right after that the My Documents section of your portal will be opened and you will be able to start working.

To sign out from your account, tap your profile photo in the lower left corner and select the Logout option in the window that opens.

Application sections

Tap icons at the left panel to switch between the Documents sections.

Your Portal contains the following sections:

  • My Documents My Documents is a section that contains your personal documents;
  • Shared with Me Shared with Me is a section that contains documents that were shared with you by other portal users;
  • Common Documents Common Documents is a section that contains files and folders available to all portal users;
  • Project Documents Project Documents is a section that contains folders corresponding to existing projects from the portal 'Projects' module;
  • Recycle Bin Recycle Bin is a section where all deleted files are stored and can be permanently deleted later.

Your Personal account contains the My Documents My Documents and Recycle Bin Recycle Bin sections.

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