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Connecting Oracle database to ONLYOFFICE Docs

Currently, there are no Docker variables that allow connecting with Oracle; the user must perform the steps manually. The steps to connect Oracle database to ONLYOFFICE Docs are as follows:

  1. Install ONLYOFFICE Docs:
    sudo docker run -i -t -d -p 80:80 --name onlyoffice \
  2. Install Oracle on the same or a separate server:
    sudo docker run --name oracle -p 8080:1521 -p 8081:5500 \
    -e ORACLE_PASSWORD=admin \
    -e APP_USER=onlyoffice \
    -e APP_USER_PASSWORD=onlyoffice \
    -d gvenzl/oracle-xe:21-slim
  3. Download a script for creating tables and copy it to the container; afterwards, create a database and run the script:
    sudo docker cp ./createdb.sql oracle:/
    sudo docker exec oracle sqlplus -s onlyoffice/onlyoffice@//localhost/xepdb1 @/createdb.sql
  4. Change the parameters responsible for establishing a connection in local.json and switch Document Server to mssql:
    sudo docker exec -it onlyoffice bash
    nano /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local.json
      "services": {
        "CoAuthoring": {
          "sql": {
            "type": "oracle",
            "dbHost": "oracle_ip_or_hostname",
            "dbPort": "8080",
            "dbName": "xepdb1",
            "dbUser": "onlyoffice",
            "dbPass": "onlyoffice"
    supervisorctl restart all
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