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Automatic time tracking while performing a task

This tip is aimed at those users who bother their head each time they need to enter time spent on performing a certain task. Now you can use the timer that will automatically calculate how long you have been working on the task. The only thing you'll have to do is turn on the timer with one mouse click.

Bare Bones Instructions

Follow these simple steps to record time:

  1. Enter your portal.
  2. Click the Projects link on the start page.
  3. Press the Create button and select the Start/Stop Timer option. Alternatively, you can find the needed task in the tasks list, click the Actions icon icon next to it and select the Track time option.
  4. In the opened window, select the needed project, task, yourself in the 'Responsible' list.
  5. Add the description of the time period you will spent on the task.
  6. Press the Start icon button to start the timer.
  7. After finishing a part of the task or at the end of your workday, click the Pause icon button.
  8. Press the Add Time button.

To view the total time spent on a task, open the task page clicking its title in the tasks list and find the Time Spent caption.

To view the description of every period of time spent on a task, click the 'Time Tracking' option at the left-side panel and enter the needed task title into the filter bar. You'll see all the time periods added. To edit or delete one of them, click the Actions icon icon next to the needed period and select the corresponding option. Besides on this page you can also mark added time periods as 'not billed' and 'billed' or leave the dafault 'not chargeable' option.

Helpful Hints

What should I bear in mind?

Don't close the Start/Stop Timer window (tab) while performing a task, otherwise the timer won't count time you spend on it.

What if I forgot to start the timer and have been working on a task for some time?

If you have spent some time performing the current task, enter the corresponding value into the Manual Time Input field, add the description for this time period and click the 'Add Time' button. The entered time will be added to the task.

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