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Try in the cloud

Using templates for similar projects

It takes a lot of time to create a project with all the related stuff like building a project team, planning milestones, tasks and discussions. Now you can create a template for similar projects and save time you spend each time on entering the same data. Want to learn how to do that? Just read the instructions below.

Bare Bones Instructions

Follow these simple steps to create a project template:

  1. Enter your portal.
  2. Click the Projects link on the start page.
  3. In the opened 'Projects' module, click the Create button and select the Project Template option.
  4. Enter a title for your project template into the corresponding field.
  5. Click the Add Milestone link to create the first milestone. Enter its title, set its duration period and press the 'Enter' key. The milestone will be added. You can create as many milestones as you need by filling in the form. To edit or delete the milestone created by mistake, click the Actions icon icon next to it and select the needed option.
  6. To create the first task that will belong to one of the created milestones, click the Actions icon icon next to the needed milestone and select the Add Task option. Enter the title of a new task and press the 'Enter' key. You can create as many tasks as you need that will belong to the current or another milestone. To create a task that won't belong to any milestone, click the Add Task link within the 'Tasks without milestone' section. To edit or delete the task created by mistake, click the Actions icon icon next to it and select the needed option.
  7. As soon as your project template is ready, click the Save button to save the created project template or the Save & Create project from template button to save the template and create a project based on it. If you click the Cancel button, no template will be created.

The created project template will be added to the templates list within the Project Templates section at the left-side panel.

Helpful Hints

Can I edit an existing project template?

Surely, you can. To edit a project template, please proceed through the following steps:

  1. Open the 'Projects' module.
  2. Click the 'Project Templates' option at the left-side panel.
  3. Click the Actions icon icon next to the template you want to edit and select the needed option from the list.
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