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Handwriting recognition

The Document Editor supports handwriting recognition. Making notes or correcting your texts has never been easier!

The following functions of the Apple Pencil are available:

  • adding text;
  • selecting text and graphic objects, i.e., tables, charts, images, and changing their position or size;
  • currently, only English is supported.

iOS 14 or later is required.

Handwriting in the Document Editor

  1. Tap with the Apple Pencil in the place you want to insert your text. The place will be marked with a text cursor.
  2. Tap the Apple Pencil twice to switch to the handwriting mode.

    The double tap can be changed in the Apple Pencil settings.

  3. Write your text in any blank space of the document.
  4. Tap the Apple Pencil twice to disable the handwriting mode. The handwritten text will be converted automatically.
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