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Wrapping text


If the text you enter into a spreadsheet cell is too long and the next column contains data, the text in the cell is not fully displayed. It's possible to extend the column width, but if you have multiple columns, there is a better way to represent your data in an easily readable form. Apply the Wrap Text option to display the text in the cell divided into several lines without altering the column width. Using online or desktop Spreadsheet Editor, you can switch on automatic text wrapping, or manually control line breaks.

Step 1. Wrap the text in cells

To wrap the text in cells automatically, perform the following easy steps:

  1. Select a single cell or a range of cells you want to enable word wrapping for. To select an entire worksheet, use the Ctrl+A key combination.
wrap text in excel Step 1 wrap text in excel Step 1
  1. Click the Wrap Text Wrap text icon icon located at the Home tab of the top toolbar. Once you click it, your text within the selected cells is wrapped to fit the column width. If you change the column width, data wrapping adjusts automatically.
wrap text in excel Step 1 wrap text in excel Step 1

Optionally, you might need to adjust the height of some rows. When you apply the Text Wrap option, the row height changes automatically to fit your multiline text. But in some cases the content of the cell is partially hidden. This can occur if you have previously set a custom height for this row. To make the cell data fully visible, you can perform the following steps:

  1. select the necessary row or several rows you want to adjust the height for,
  2. right-click the row heading,
  3. select the Set Row Height option from the contextual menu,
  4. click the Auto Fit Row Height option.

You can also set another height value using the Custom Row Height option.

wrap text in excel Step 1 wrap text in excel Step 1

If you need to switch off automatic text wrapping for some cells you have applied this option to, select the necessary cells and click the Wrap Text Wrap text icon icon once again.

Sometimes you might also need to create a line break manually at an arbitrary point. To do that, position the insertion point within the text where you want to add a line break and press the Alt+Enter key combination to start a new line in the same cell. This can be done both within the cell and in the formula bar. To expand the formula bar use the arrow on the right.

That's all. Now you know how to wrap text in you spreadsheet cells.

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