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How to organize mass mailing?



Want to send a newsletter to all the contacts from your customer database or just need to inform some clients about an upcoming event?

Now you can do that directly from the CRM module. This guide will show you how it can be done in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Access the CRM

Enter your ONLYOFFICE portal and click the CRM link.

How to organize mass mailing? Step 1 How to organize mass mailing? Step 1

In case you have already logged in to the portal and been using it for some time, to access the CRM module from any portal page, use the drop-down list in the top left corner of the page and select the corresponding option.

Step 2. Create a mailing list

Your mailing list can contain up to 50 recipients. To create it just check the contacts you wish to send your email to in the Contacts list. To facilitate the search of the needed contacts make use of our filter above the contact list.

Verify that all the selected contacts have the email address specified. If not, to add the address click the Actions Actions button button to the right, select the Add email option from the drop-down list and enter the necessary address into the field which appears. To confirm it press the Enter key.

How to organize mass mailing? Step 2 How to organize mass mailing? Step 2

When all the contacts are selected click the Send Email button above the contact list and select the Internal SMTP (50 email recipients maximum) option.

If you wish to send emails using an external mailing software select the Generate list for external program option from the drop-down list.

Step 3. Configure SMTP server

ONLYOFFICE allows you to send messages without opening any external email client software, all you need is to specify the parameters of the SMTP server for the mail service you commonly use. You will be able to send mails to your clients from your usual email address via the ONLYOFFICE interface.

When you click the Send Email button you will see the Configure the SMTP window pop up.

ONLYOFFICE does not provide any SMTP server integrated, it simply provides an interface to the existing mail services where you have an account.

Configure the available settings:

  • Sender Email Address
    specify the email address of the sender (once the email address is specified, you can obtain default settings for this email service using the Get default settings link);
  • Sender Display Name
    specify the name of the sender which will be displayed in the From: field;
  • Host
    specify the domain name of the SMTP server you use;
  • Port
    specify the email port. It's recommended to use port 587 or 25. If SSL is enabled, port 465 is used.
  • Authentication
    check it if only the authorized users can use the server;
  • Host Login and Host Password
    specify your login and password in order to access the SMTP server, if needed;
  • Enable SSL
    check it to enable the encryption in client-server communications.
How to organize mass mailing? Step 3 How to organize mass mailing? Step 3

To make the settings take effect click the Save button. The Configure the SMTP window will be closed.

If you need to make some changes to some SMTP settings you can do that on the Common Settings page of the CRM module.

Step 4. Compose a message

When all the settings are configured the Compose Mail page will open.

In the From: field you will see the sender name and email address indicated while configuring the SMTP server. The To: field shows the number of the selected contacts.

All you need to do is enter the Subject for your letter and type in your message. The Formatting Toolbar helps you format your text changing font style, font color, alignment, size etc.

How to organize mass mailing? Step 4 How to organize mass mailing? Step 4

If you need to add some variables to your message make use of the Personal Tags.

If you wish to add the recipient name to the salutation, just place the mouse cursor at the point where you want the variable to be added, then select an appropriate tag from the drop-down list and click the Add to Letter Body. In our case it will be: FirstName and LastName as we send our letter to Persons. As a result you will see the following line: Dear $(Person.First Name) $(Person.Last Name),

The necessary data will be automatically taken from your CRM customer database.

How to organize mass mailing? Step 4 How to organize mass mailing? Step 4

You can also attach a certain file to your message. Click the Show file attachment panel link below the Letter Body field and using the Attach File button browse your hard disk drive for the necessary file.

Check the Store this message in History box to add the corresponding event to the interaction history of each contact in the mailing list.

Step 5. Preview and start mailing

To preview the result click the Next (to preview) button below the the Letter Body field.

The "Powered by" text watermark will be added to your letter.
How to organize mass mailing? Step 5 How to organize mass mailing? Step 5

If you are satisfied with the result click the Send button to start mailing.

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