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Creating a website contact form


Wish to gain more prospective customers effortlessly? Just create a website contact form, embed the generated source code into your website and your leads' contact details will be automatically added to your client database. Read the instructions below on how to do that.

Bare Bones Instructions

To create a website contact form, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the CRM link on the start page.
  3. Click the Settings option at the left-side panel and select the Website Contact Form item.
  4. In the 'Form Properties' section, enter a redirection URL address that will lead to a page on your website after your prospective customer filled in the form.
    If you are creating a form for the first time, you'll see zeros under the Web Form Key caption. Click the Refresh icon icon to generate a real key that is used to authenticate the form and prevent spam, fraud, and unauthorized use.
  5. In the 'Field Selection' section, choose between the Company and Person option depending on your prospective customers' status. Then check the fields you want to be included into the contact form.
  6. In the 'Access Rights & Tags' section, you can restrict access to the contacts added using this form or make them public. If you want to grant access to the certain users only and restrict it for the others click the Add user link and select the user/users you want to grant access to. If you want to make the contacts public check the Allow all CRM users access this contact box and choose the necessary option: for reading or for reading/writing.
    You can also enter your own tags that will be added to the contacts in the list clicking the Add Tag link.
  7. Select the users that will be notified when a lead is added to the contacts list by clicking the Add user link within the 'Notify Users' section.
  8. Click the Generate Form button.

After that the 'Form Source Code' area will appear letting you copy the source code of the created contact form. But first of all preview the form and then if you are satisfied with the result you can copy and paste the code onto your website.

Helpful Hints

I can't create a form as my redirection URL isn't correct. How do I solve the problem?

Please make sure you entered your URL address starting with http://

Is it possible to add customized fields to the Website Contact Form?

Yes. If you want to add customized fields to the Website Contact Form, go to the CRM module, click the 'Settings' option, then choose the 'Other settings' section and click the 'User fields' item. Here you can create a new user field which will be displayed in the 'Field Selection' section on the 'Website Contact Form' page.

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