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Adding a third-party calendar feed

Want to view the read-only version of a third-party calendar within Calendar with no need to switch between them? You can add the iCal feed link of this calendar to Calendar and save your time and effort tracking all the events from both calendars. Read the instructions below to do that.

Bare Bones Instructions

To add a third-party calendar feed link to Calendar, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the Calendar icon icon in the right upper corner.
  3. Press the arrow next to the 'Create' button and select the Import events option.
  4. In the Import events window, leave the By link option which is selected by default.
  5. Enter the iCal feed link of a third-party calendar you wish to add.
  6. Check the Sync with calendar by link box below.
  7. Enter a title for a new calendar and select colors to display events and text.
  8. Click the Save button.

A new calendar containing events from the iCal feed will be added and displayed in the Other Calendars list to the left.

To make the events from the added calendar feed visible within Calendar, click the Manage icon icon near the 'Other Calendars' caption, check the box next to the calendar in the opened window and click 'Save'.

Helpful Hints

Where can I get the iCal feed link of my Google, Apple iCal, or Yahoo! calendar?

You can get the iCal feed link of the needed calendar in the following way:

  • Google Calendar - in the calendar settings, go to the 'Integrate calendar' section and copy the 'Secret address in iCal format'. If your calendar is publicly shared, copy the 'Public address in iCal format'.
  • Apple iCal Calendar - choose 'Publish' from the 'Calendar' menu. In the resulting dialog, type a name for your calendar in the top field, choose to publish it on your own server from the 'Publish on' pop-up menu, select any of the other options you want, and then click 'Publish'. When iCal finishes publishing, a dialog opens and displays the URL for your calendar.
  • Yahoo! Calendar - open the drop-down list next to the needed calendar, select 'Edit Calendar', go to the 'Sharing' section, check the 'Generate links' box and copy the link displayed in the 'To import into a Calendar app (ICS)' section.

What is the difference between importing/exporting calendars and adding an iCal feed link?

After exporting or importing events from calendars, you can edit them as you need and the changes will be applied to the exported/imported events only (not to the original events), while after adding a feed link into a calendar, you will be able to view the events only – to edit an event, you will need to make changes in the original calendar, and they will become visible in Calendar.

Can I add the iCal feed of your online office calendar to a third-party calendar?

Yes, you can. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Getting Started section.

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