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Versions and revisions in Documents

Using the 'Documents' module and the 'Documents' section of the 'Projects' module, you might have already noticed that there is a number next to the file title that shows the number of file versions. Want to learn more about file versions and revisions? Read this tip!

Bare Bones Instructions

After creating or uploading your file to Documents, it will be displayed in the needed folder you've opened before. When you edit and save it for the first time, the file gets the version number ver.1. The file versions now include revisions, i.e. minor changes in a file. If you click the version number, you'll see the list of file revisions. Every time you change and save the file, the new revision is added to the list. Version is a major change and it includes all the file revisions for a certain period of time.

When uploading files, you can set some options that affect the file version. If the file with the same name already exists in the folder, a copy of the file will be created by default. If you wish to update the version of the existing file, click the Common Settings link from the Settings list on the left side panel and check the Update the file version for the existing file with the same name option. If you upload a file of a format that differs from the Office Open XML format, the conversion will occur. By default both files (file in original format + file in Office Open XML format ) are placed into the selected folder. If you uncheck the Save the file copy in the original format as well box, a converted file will be placed as a new revision of the original file rather than as a new separate file. These parameters will be applied to all the files uploaded afterwards.

You can group several revisions in a version. To do that, hover the mouse cursor over the needed revision and click the Mark as version icon icon. All the earlier file revisions as well as the selected one will be grouped in a version. The number of revisions in a version will be indicated like that Number of revisions. When you unite revisions in a version the number of versions displayed next to the file title will be updated.

You may not only Download any version or version revision, but also Preview it or Enter a comment using the corresponding icon which appears when you hold the mouse cursor over the needed version/revision.

It might happen that the document you created and shared with several colleagues was edited by one of them and you would like to recover one of its previous revisions/versions. To do that, please follow the easy steps below:

  1. Enter your portal using your login details.
  2. Click the Documents link on the start page.
  3. Open the needed folder containing the file which revision/version you want to restore.
  4. Click the version icon next to the corresponding file. You will see the Version history list.
  5. Find the file revision/version you want to restore using its creation date, time or author. If you are not sure, you can also preview a certain revision/version hovering your mouse cursor over it and clicking the Preview icon icon.
  6. Click the Restore link.

After that the selected file revision/version will be restored.

Helpful Hints

How to preview the current version of a document, spreadsheet, presentation?

If you want to preview a file click the Actions icon icon and choose the Preview option.

Is it possible to undo the 'Mark as version' action?

Yes, it is. If you want to undo this action, hover the mouse cursor over the needed version and click the Mark as revision icon icon.

How to edit the current version of a document, spreadsheet, presentation?

Clicking the Edit icon icon next to a certain file within the 'Documents' module and the 'Documents' section of the 'Projects' module, you can edit it using Document Editor and save changes you made right on your portal. The Colored Pencil Plus icon icon next to a document title means that you can edit this document simultaneously with other portal users.

How will I know that the file shared with me has been updated?

Firstly you will be informed about it via the Feed tool. Secondly you will see the new icon next to the updated file.

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