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Integrating ONLYOFFICE with Liferay digital experience platform through a connector, available in Liferay Marketplace or on ONLYOFFICE GitHub page, allows you to edit Office documents within the document library.

ONLYOFFICE Connector for Liferay adds the following features:

  • A new ONLYOFFICE Edit/View menu option within the Documents and Media section for Office documents.
  • Co-editing documents in real-time: use two co-editing modes (Fast and Strict), Track Changes, comments, and built-in chat.
  • Editing the following formats: DOCX, XLSX, PPT. These are also available for viewing in PDF together with ODT, ODS, ODP, DOC, XLS, PPT formats.

Visit our For Developers page to find out more about the ONLYOFFICE Connector for Liferay and how it works in details.

Online editors integration

Installing Liferay ONLYOFFICE integration app

This app enables users to edit office documents from Liferay using ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Configuring Liferay ONLYOFFICE integration app

In order to configure the app you must navigate to System Settings (Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings). In Platform section click on Connectors category and select ONLYOFFICE.

Compiling Liferay ONLYOFFICE integration app

Simply run gradle build. Output .jar will be placed inside build/libs directory.

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