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How to pay for your portal?


You have already evaluated the online office and decided to use it in your company? So after your trial period is over, in order to continue your work on the portal you need to buy a subscription. To do that, you don't need to go to our official website or any other resource. All that is necessary is to switch to the Payments page of your portal. Even if the trial period has already expired, this page will remain accessible. So to pay for your portal just follow these easy steps.

Step 1. Enter your portal and go to the Payments section

Enter your portal and click the Settings icon icon in the upper right corner of the page or open the Choose drop-down list next to the logo of the portal and choose the Settings option. On the Settings page click the Payments section on the left-side panel.

How to pay for your portal? Step 1 How to pay for your portal? Step 1

Step 2. Select an appropriate pricing plan

On the Payments page you will find the information about all the available pricing plans: number of allowed actives users, available disk space, price per month/year. The current number and the disk space used are displayed on the left above the table. The currently used plan will be highlighted in orange.

You can prolong the current plan or change it using the table. If you want to change your current pricing plan, choose the pricing plan which seems more appropriate to you, checking the box:

How to pay for your portal? Step 2 How to pay for your portal? Step 2

Сlick the Buy now or Change (if you already have paid for your portal and now want to change your current pricing plan) button. In the opened Buy pop-up window read the information about the Recurring payments option that you can use later while filling in the order form and click the OK button.

You cannot select the plan if either the storage space or number of users exceeds limitations of the selected pricing plan. You have to reduce the required parameter or select another pricing plan.

Step 3. Fill out the forms in the 'Billing Information' section

You will be redirected to the 2Checkout payment page, the Billing Information section. Here you need to fill out all the forms paying special attention to those fields marked with *.

  1. For your convenience, select a currency which you want the price to be displayed in.

  2. Complete the form under the Billing Information title:

    How to pay for your portal? Step 3 How to pay for your portal? Step 3
    • check the box if you represent a company (if not, leave the box unchecked);
    • type in your real first and last name, address, city and zip code;
    • choose a country from the drop down list;
    • choose your state or province from the drop down list;
    • enter your active email address and confirm it.
  3. Fill in the Payment Options:

    • examine all the available options in the Payment Options drop down list and choose the appropriate one;
    • choose the Billing currency.
  4. Click the Continue button.

Step 4. Fill out the forms in the 'Confirmation and Payment' section

  1. In the Confirmation and Payment section verify the Billing/Delivery information:

How to pay for your portal? Step 4 How to pay for your portal? Step 4
  1. In the Review and Place Order area type in information about the card which your are going to use to pay for service:

    • type in a card number;
    • in the drop down lists choose a card expiration date (month and year);
    • introduce three digit security code (CVV2/CVC2 code);
    • enter your name exactly as it appears on the card.
  2. Check the Enable auto-renewal for this order box if you want to repeat the payment automatically every month.

    You can stop the recurring payments by logging in to 2Checkout myAccount, going to the My Products area and by clicking the Stop automatic license renewal beneath the product that has this option enabled.
  3. Click the Place order button.

That's all. You can continue to work on your portal. If the number of the active users on your portal increases or decreases, you can easily change the pricing plan following the instructions here.

To track the payment history and receive an invoice, you can either go to the Payments page of your portal and use the Invoice link on the right of the necessary payment in the Payment History section at the bottom, or visit your 2Checkout account and download the necessary invoice in the Order History section.
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