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General issues

Q:What is ONLYOFFICE Personal?

A:ONLYOFFICE Personal is a web-based office for file management and document collaboration that provides tools for both independent work on documents and co-editing, which can be accessed from PCs or mobile devices. Visit to get started and create your personal office.

Q:What are the advantages of using ONLYOFFICE Personal?

A:ONLYOFFICE Personal space has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • free use with the possibility of expanding the capabilities and switching to the Saas version,
  • cross-platform, which lets the application work ONLYOFFICE Personal both in the web and mobile environment. Download our free Documents app for iOS and Android which allows connecting your ONLYOFFICE Personal and working with docs stored there from native apps,
  • use of files from your Box, Dropbox, Google, and other third-party accounts in the online office and vice versa without conversion,
  • embed documents from the online office into your website or blog letting the visitors download them in the format that is supported by almost any document editor,
  • download files from the cloud and look them through on your computer without bothering about the application you can use to open these documents,
  • attach documents to your emails and send them to various recipients who will be able to read them using any document viewer.

Q:What's the difference between ONLYOFFICE Workspace Cloud Service (SaaS version) and ONLYOFFICE Personal?

A:ONLYOFFICE Personal cloud is designed specifically for a comfortable use for one person, while SaaS version is a great option both for a small team or a large number of people interacting with each other. The main differences include the following:

  • ONLYOFFICE Personal provides working with documents only within one module, while as Saas provides tools and modules for working with Projects, CRM, Calendar, and many other available modules of ONLYOFFICE Groups. Visit this page to find out more on ONLYOFFICE Groups,
  • absence of admin portal settings, feed, and portal search,
  • absence of Mail Server, Talk module, as well as limited functionality for integration with third-party services using connectors.

Q:Is ONLYOFFICE personal free for home use? And what is its storage? And how can i find the storage left?

A:Yes, ONLYOFFICE Personal is totally free. Unfortunately, now you can’t monitor used disk space.

Q:I have a 3.28 GB .mp4 video file, but I can't upload it to the cloud. Why is that?

A:The amount of available disk space for a personal cloud is limited to 2 GBs. Make sure to remove rarely used files and empty trash regularly.

Q:How to share a folder in the free personal version?

A:Unfortunately, you can’t share a folder in ONLYOFFICE Personal, the only way is to send out one link per document.

Issues with the desktop editors

Q:Why can't I connect to the ONLYOFFICE Personal using the desktop application?

A:If you want to connect ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to the ONLYOFFICE Personal and work with your files from the desktop environment, you need to update the desktop app to version 6.4.2 or higher to avoid any issues.

Issues with connected services

Q:I get the following error: 'Can’t authorize at Yandex provider with given credentials'. What can be done?

A:This error can occur due to the reason that the service tries to protect its services. It can be resolved by creating the application password. Please perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the page;
  2. Click the Setup application password button;
  3. Choose the Cloud service application type;
  4. Select or specify your operating system;
  5. Specify the application name and click Add;
  6. Use the suggested password;
  7. Click the Done button.
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