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How to create your own portal?


Are you looking for the tools which help you organize your company and personal documentation, manage your customer relations and projects, create your own community? Online Office allows you to achieve all these goals.

This guide will show you how to create your own portal in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Fill in the registration form

Click the RUN YOUR CLOUD OFFICE! button on the HOME page. The registration form will open. Fill in all the fields of this form:

  • enter your First and Last Name;
  • specify a valid Email address;
  • enter a Name for your portal in the Create account name field.
    The portal name CANNOT be less than 6 characters long.
  • set a Password you will use to access your portal the next time. Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
How to create your own portal? Step 1 How to create your own portal? Step 1

When all the fields are filled in click the START FREE TRIAL button. You will be redirected to the start page of your newly created cloud office.

Confirm the email address used to register your portal. The Email Activation message will be sent to the email you have specified during the portal registration. Follow the link provided in this letter to complete your email activation procedure.

Step 2. Configure portal settings

Before you start working in your cloud office, you can adjust some settings, if necessary.

Go to the portal settings clicking the Settings Icon icon in the upper right corner of the page - the Common -> Customization section will open.

How to create your own portal? Step 2 How to create your own portal? Step 2
  • Drop-down the Language list and select an appropriate language to display all portal pages and notifications.

    At present Online Office is available in 21 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Latvian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, Greek, Polish, Czech, simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Finnish, Portuguese, Azeri, Korean, Japanese and Slovenian. If your language is not yet present in the list of the available ones or the translation to your language is not complete, you may contribute to the translation sending your request at

  • Select the Time Zone that corresponds to your location from the drop-down list so that all the events of the portal will be shown with the correct date and time. When the necessary Language and Time Zone Settings are set, click the Save button below this section.
  • Adjust some other settings, if necessary: you can change the portal name that you have specified during the registration, set an alternative URL for your portal, select an appropriate team template etc.

    For more information on your portal settings, please refer to the Configuration section of our Help Center.

That's all! Choose one of the available modules to start exploring Online Office.

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