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ONLYOFFICE Documents for Android - Overview

The Documents app for Android allows you to access the files stored in your ONLYOFFICE account on your mobile device. Using this app, you can view, create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage your documents as well as connect third-party cloud storages. You can provide different access types to your files and edit documents collaboratively with other portal users or share files via external links.

Supported devices

The application runs under Android 5.0 or higher.

First launch

The Documents app is available on Google Play. After you've downloaded and installed the application on your mobile device, tap the ONLYOFFICE Documents icon to launch it.

Start screen

Connecting to a portal

When you launch the Documents app for the first time, the Connect ONLYOFFICE cloud panel opens. To sign in to your portal:

  1. on the PORTAL tab, enter your existing portal address ( and tap NEXT,
  2. enter your email address and password you use to access your portal,
  3. tap the SIGN IN button.

Note: alternatively, you can specify the portal address and sign in to your portal using your Facebook or Google account, if you have previously connected one of these accounts to your profile on the portal.

To access your Personal account (previously created at, switch to the PERSONAL tab, enter your email address and password, then tap the SIGN IN button.

Creating a new portal

If you do not have an ONLYOFFICE account, you can easily create a new portal right from the mobile application when it is launched:

  1. tap the CREATE PORTAL link at the bottom of the Connect ONLYOFFICE cloud panel,
  2. fill in the registration form: create your Portal address (e.g., enter your Email, First name, Last name and tap NEXT,
  3. enter and repeat a password, then tap the CREATE button.

The two-factor authentication is enabled by default when creating a new portal to ensure a high security level. You will be asked to specify the mobile phone number that an SMS message with the verification code will be sent to. Once the SMS is received and the verification code is entered, the My documents section of your portal will be opened and you will be able to start working. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address specified when creating the portal. Follow the link from the email message to confirm your email address.

To create a new Personal account,

  1. switch to the PERSONAL tab,
  2. tap the SIGN UP link at the bottom of screen,
  3. enter your email address, then tap the SIGN UP button,
  4. a confirmation link will be sent to the specified email address. Follow the link from the email message to confirm the registration and set a password.

Account management

You can connect several ONLYOFFICE accounts to the Documents app (e.g., your accounts from both the corporate portal and personal office) to quickly and easily switch between all your existing accounts and access necessary files. If you have already signed in to an ONLYOFFICE account, perform the following actions to open the account management panel:

  1. tap the Navigation menu icon in the upper left corner,
  2. tap the downward arrow icon Downward arrow icon next to your email address.

The account management panel opens. Current account is displayed at the top of the panel, other connected accounts will be displayed in the list below.

Account management panel

To connect another account:

  1. at the account management panel, tap the Add account Add account menu item,
  2. on the Connect ONLYOFFICE cloud panel that opens, connect another account as described in the Connecting to a portal section above.

Note: when you are signed in to any of your accounts, the ACCOUNTS option is also available at the bottom of the Connect ONLYOFFICE cloud panel. Using this option, you can also connect other accounts by tapping the Add account Add cloud account menu item and manage your already connected accounts.

To switch to another account, tap one of the connected accounts in the list at the account management panel.

To sign out from the current account, tap the Log out icon Log Out menu item at the account management panel.

To disconnect a certain account, tap the Remove account icon next to the account in the list and tap REMOVE in the confirmation window. You will be logged out from this account and it will be removed from the list (you will be able to connect it again later, if necessary).

Application sections

To quickly switch between the Documents app sections, tap the necessary caption on the top: MY, SHARED WITH ME, COMMON and PROJECTS, or just swipe left or right in the folder and file list. Alternatively, you can tap the Navigation menu icon in the upper left corner, then tap the necessary item from the navigation menu.

Your Portal contains the following sections:

  • My documents My documents is a section that contains your personal documents;
  • Shared with me Shared with me is a section that contains documents that were shared with you by other portal users;
  • Common documents Common documents is a section that contains files and folders available to all portal users;
  • Project documents Projects is a section that contains folders corresponding to existing projects from the portal 'Projects' module;
  • Trash Trash is a section where all deleted files are stored and can be restored or permanently deleted later.

Your Personal account contains the My documents My documents and Trash Trash sections.

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