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Select, cut, copy, paste data

Select worksheet elements

  • To select a single cell, tap it once.
  • To select a range of cells, tap a cell and expand the selection dragging one of the cell selection handles that appear at the upper-left and lower-right corners of the cell.

Cell selection handles

  • To select a single row/column, tap its heading.
  • To select multiple rows/columns, tap a row/column heading and drag green selection handles Column selection handle.

Column selection handles

  • To select the whole worksheet, tap the Select All button button located in the upper-left corner at the intersection of row and column headings.

Select whole sheet

Select and enter data within a cell

To select all the contents within a cell, double-tap the cell. In this case the pop-up menu appears that contains the following options:

  • Local cut icon Cut the selected text/object,

  • Copy icon Copy the selected text/object,

  • Paste icon Paste previously copied text/object,

  • Local delete icon Delete the selected text or object,

  • Local edit icon Edit the selected text or object (i.e. open the text/object settings panel),

  • Merge/Unmerge to merge selected cells into one (only the contents of the upper left cell are saved), or unmerge them (the data of the unmerged cell will be displayed in the upper-left cell),

  • Wrap/Unwrap to fit your data to the column width.

You can work with the cell contents using the Formula bar below the worksheet. Once you select a cell that already contains data, the contents of the selected cell will be displayed in the Formula bar. To expand it, tap the arrow button Expand formula bar local on the right. Double-tap a piece of data in the Formula bar and drag the selection handles to select the necessary part.

Select data in a cell

When you double-tap the data within the Formula bar, the panel appears that includes the following options: Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All. Depending on the device orientation and screen size, some options may be available after tapping the More options icon.

When you touch the data within the Formula bar, the single handle appears below the cursor to help you position the insertion point more precisely. Drag it to the position where you want to place the insertion point.

You can also tap at the end of contents in the Formula bar and hold until the pop-up menu appears that includes the Paste option.

Cut, copy, paste data

To cut, copy and paste text passages/objects/data in a row/column within the current spreadsheet use the corresponding options from the pop-up menu that appears when a text passage/object/row/column is selected:

  • Cut icon Cut – select data and use the Cut option from the pop-up menu to delete the selection and send it to the clipboard memory. The cut data can be later inserted to another place in the same spreadsheet.
  • Copy icon Copy – select data and use the Copy option from the pop-up menu to copy the selection to the clipboard memory. The copied data can be later inserted to another place in the same spreadsheet.
  • Paste icon Paste – find the place in your spreadsheet where you need to paste the previously copied data and use the Paste option from the pop-up menu. The data will be inserted at the current cursor position. The data can be previously copied from the same spreadsheet.

Auto fill data

To quickly fill multiple cells with the same data use the Auto Fill option:

  • select a cell range containing the required data,
  • tap the Auto fill option in the pop-up menu.

Auto fill local

In this example, when using the Auto fill option, the corresponding numbers will be inserted into the cells 1 and 5.

Note: if you need to create a series of numbers (such as 1, 2, 3, 4...; 2, 4, 6, 8... etc.) or dates, you need to enter at least two starting values.
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