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NORM.DIST Function

The NORM.DIST function is one of the statistical functions. It is used to return the normal distribution for the specified mean and standard deviation.


NORM.DIST(x, mean, standard_dev, cumulative)

The NORM.DIST function has the following arguments:

Argument Description
x The value you want to calculate the distribution for, any numeric value.
mean The arithmetic mean of the distribution, any numeric value.
standard_dev The standard deviation of the distribution, a numeric value greater than 0.
cumulative The form of the function, a logical value: TRUE or FALSE. If cumulative is TRUE, the function will return the cumulative distribution function; if FALSE, it will return the probability mass function.


How to apply the NORM.DIST function.


The figure below displays the result returned by the NORM.DIST function.

NORM.DIST Function

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