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What is Community Server?

Community Server is a freely downloadable open source version of ONLYOFFICE distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

What are the system requirements for the Community Server?

The system requirements for different platforms can be viewed at the following pages:

What is the Apache License and where I can read it?

The Apache License is a permissive free software license written by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). Its full text is available here -

Can we use Community Server for our commercial organization?

If your company is a common commercial organization you can freely use Community Server for your own purposes without any additional limitations. You can freely use Community Server both on the internet and intranet based servers.

Can we use Community Server source code in our own application or web site?

If any developers decide to use Community Server source code in their own application or web site, this application/web site must include a copy of the Apache license. In every licensed file, original copyright, patent, trademark, and attribution notices must be preserved. In every licensed file changed, a notification must be added stating that changes have been made to that file.

Does Community Server include all functions of ONLYOFFICE?

Currently Community Server comprises all the ONLYOFFICE functional modules.

Apache License is not suitable for me. Are there any other license types for ONLYOFFICE Server?

Yes, you can consider buying ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise Edition, which is released under a commercial proprietary license.

I have questions not listed here. Where can I ask them?

Please visit our forum where you can find answers to most of the questions and ask them yourself if you cannot find the answer.