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ONLYOFFICE is a multifunctional portal for business collaboration, document and project management. It allows you to organize business tasks and milestones, store and share your corporate or personal documents, use social networking tools such as blogs and forums, as well as communicate with your team members via corporate IM.

Who is ONLYOFFICE for?

ONLYOFFICE is for small and mid-size companies looking for an effective platform for business process management.

Is it secure to host my portal in the cloud?

Your portal is powered by the following web services: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 and Amazon RDS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide reliable infrastructure in the cloud used by thousands of developers worldwide. Additionally, you can make a backup of the data stored on your portal at any time. So, you can be sure that your data is secure and protected.

The pricing page states, that your solution is recommended for enterprises with 400 employees maximum. We have more users, is the solution suitable for us?

Our solutions have been tested and proved working with different number of users. The pricing page shows only the most popular solutions. You can contact our sales department at to learn about all the available offers.

Can I access my portal from a mobile phone?

A mobile application for the portals located in the .com domain zone is currently being developed.
The mobile version for the server solution is not available.
You can use the ONLYOFFICE Documents mobile apps for Android and for iOS. The apps allow you to view, create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, manage and share your documents as well as connect third-party cloud storages.
The ONLYOFFICE Projects mobile app for iOS allows you to manage projects stored in your ONLYOFFICE account on your mobile device.

We would like to host ONLYOFFICE ourselves. Is that possible?

Yes. It is possible to download and compile the source code. Thereafter you can deploy it on your own server. The source code is listed on GitHub and distributed under GNU Affero General Public License terms. For more details see the Server Version Frequently Asked Questions section.

I cannot find my language in the list of available ones for portals. What can I do to take part in the translation?

Currently the interface of portal is available in languages and it's also being translated into more than two dozen languages, but if your mother language isn't listed yet you can contribute to ONLYOFFICE translation. Please read the ONLYOFFICE translation article to send your request and get access to our ONLYOFFICE online translation system.
You can also write us directly at

I have a question that isn't covered here. How can I contact you?

We constantly improve ONLYOFFICE to deliver efficient solutions for your business needs. Therefore your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Let us know how ONLYOFFICE is working for you by emailing us at